Children with Disability New Zealand, Who Are We?:

Children with Disability NZ Our mission is to make New Zealand the most disabled child friendly region in the world!

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We Are A Disabled Children's Charity Trying To Making A Positive change

Our Founders & A Little Bit About Us...

Who Are We?

We are children with disability NZ, a New Zealand-based registered charity (CC59148).

What We Do:

Our purpose is to include every disabled child in everything that an able-bodied person can do.

Our Mission...

To improve more parks, add accessibility and add more sensory projects to New Zealand.

Our History:

We are a growing group of New Zealanders based in Northland that wants to see our disabled children thrive and grow with others. We are looking to correct the wrongs and even the playing field.

We are referring to accessibility for our young disabled, many of whom require wheelchairs to get out in the community. We want to make the community easy to access for everyone.

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If you're looking to connect with like-minded others, contact Glen McMillan at

C.W.D - CEO Glen McMillan

- Glen McMillan!

Glen McMillan CEO:

I Am Glen...

Glen fell from his pushbike at the age of 10 and became a child with a disability. Glen has lived a successful life helping others and has always advocated for disability issues.


With over 50 years of experience with disability-related issues. Glen has finished a two-year stint on the Whangarei disability advisory group. Glen Charlie and Kylee then started a new charity called "Children with Disability NZ," planning on asking for better facilities for the disabled children in New Zealand.


Glen works in IT and is putting in huge efforts to grow this charity to help our nation's disabled children.

C.W.D - ASB Good As Gold

Kylee Ostermann CFO:

I Am Kylee...

I'm a single mother of two kids, a teenage daughter and my 9-year-old son, Alex. Alex was born with a chromosome abnormality that impairs his abilities to walk and communicate.

Alex wants the same as other kids, having friends, being included, and being accepted.  I want all people, regardless of their abilities, to have as many opportunities as they can.

Changing people's attitudes toward these issues is very important to me.

C.W.D - CFO Kylee Ostermann

- Kylee Ostermann!

Discovering acceptance

Once you accept that your child will be different, not better or worse, just different, that’s the first step in acceptance.”

-Kylee Ostermann.

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