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Children with Disability NZ Our mission is to make New Zealand the most disabled child friendly region in the world!

Become A Children With Disability NZ Sponsor
Become A Children With Disability NZ Sponsor

Become A Children With Disability NZ Sponsor

Children With Disability

By choosing to acquire our e-books, you actively contribute to our charitable mission. You can navigate our shop page and complete your purchase.

Alternatively, explore our "Get E-Books for Free" section, where we offer the same exceptional e-books without cost, reciprocating your support in return. Our charity, Children with Disability NZ, is committed to enhancing outcomes through educational initiatives and proactive measures.

Children with Disability NZ offers three distinguished sponsorship opportunities:

1# Tiered Sponsorship: Designed for those committed to long-term support, ensuring sustained assistance for our cause.

2# Project Sponsorship: Enables donors to contribute to specific initiatives, like funding vital playground equipment making a direct impact on the lives of the children.

3# Legacy Sponsorship: An avenue for benevolent individuals to leave a lasting legacy through their will, perpetuating the mission of enhancing the lives of children with disabilities.


Children with Disability NZ Empowering Tomorrows Champions

In the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, a small group of dedicated individuals saw a need - to uplift, support, and champion the cause of children with disabilities. This vision, fuelled by love and a deep sense of duty, was the genesis of Children with Disability NZ

Project Sponsors

The Joyful Balance Wheelchair-Accessible Seesaw in Whangarei Raumanga Park Whangārei

Project sponsors refer to individuals or organisations that provide financial or other resources to support a project's implementation. These sponsors play a crucial role in ensuring that the project is adequately funded and can proceed smoothly.

Tiered Sponsors

Tiered Sponsorship for Children with Disability NZ

Tiered sponsorship funds will be used to grow our charities exposure so we can continue our work this may include software purchases website hosting advertising or brochure production bumper stickers etc, Facebook advertising, venue hire.

Legacy Funding

A Legacy of Inclusion 11 Transformative Reasons to Support Disabled Children in New Zealand

We encourage people to leave a legacy in their will to improve the outcomes for disabled children and young adults. I have developed four legacy plans see PDF 1# Playgrounds children need to play. 2# Educate and start looking at career options from a young age for a disabled child.

Comprehensive how-to e-books and educational resources

What Do You Want To Understand Let's Learn Together:

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E-book guides for professionals to better understand their disabled clients needs

To bolster the mission of our philanthropic organisation, Children with Disability NZ, I am in the process of crafting an extensive collection of comprehensive how-to e-books, educational resources and kids' books. These materials are designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to more effectively understand and address the unique needs of their clients with disabilities.


The first in this series is "Inclusive Beginnings: Preparing Schools for Children with Diverse Abilities. This guide aims to provide educators and administrators with actionable insights on creating more inclusive educational environments for students of all ability levels.


The second instalment, "Transitioning Young Disabled People from School into Work," targets vocational counsellors, human resources professionals, and educators. This guide outlines the best practices for ensuring a smooth and successful transition for young people with disabilities as they move from the academic world into the workforce.


Lastly, "Learning Disabilities: The Top Ten Most Common Disorders" provides a comprehensive overview of the most prevalent learning disabilities that affect children and adults alike. This material intends to offer a well-rounded understanding of each disorder, enabling professionals to identify better and implement effective intervention strategies.


Through these initiatives, we aim to bridge the information gap and facilitate better understanding and inclusion for people with disabilities in various aspects of life.

Disabled People and Marginalisation in New Zealand A Comprehensive Analysis by Glen McMillan
Inclusive Beginnings Preparing Schools for Children with Diverse Abilities An Effective Guide by Glen McMillan 2023
The Joyful Balance Wheelchair-Accessible Seesaw in Whangarei Raumanga Park Whangārei
Transitioning young disabled people into the workforce. An effective guide by Glen McMillan
A Legacy of Inclusion 11 Transformative Reasons to Support Disabled Children in New Zealand
The Top Ten Most Common Learning Disabilities
Please donate to Children with Disability NZ
Mysteries of the Human Body A Journey into Rare Disorders

Discover a world where resilience knows no bounds

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Empowering Tales: Inspiring Stories of Triumph Over Disabilities:

Discover a world where resilience knows no bounds. Dive into a captivating collection of inspirational fiction stories that illuminate the extraordinary journeys of individuals who have faced life-altering disabilities, either from birth or a sudden accident. These heartwarming narratives go beyond the physical challenges and delve deep into their lives emotional, spiritual, and transformative aspects.

You'll explore the human spirit deeply, witnessing the remarkable strength and determination that arise when faced with adversity. Each story is a testament to the power of hope, courage, and love, showcasing the indomitable will of individuals who refuse to let their disabilities define them.

Through these pages, readers will:

🌟 Gain a new perspective on life's challenges and triumphs.
🌟 Witness the unwavering support and love of family and friends.
🌟 Experience the profound impact of determination and resilience.
🌟 Be inspired to overcome their obstacles and live life to the fullest.

Join us on a transformative journey that will touch your heart, ignite your spirit, and leave you with renewed empathy and empowerment. "Empowering Tales" is not just a collection of stories; it's a testament to the boundless potential within us all. Order your copy today and be inspired by the remarkable resilience of the human spirit.

Shattered Dreams, Unbroken Spirit
Renewed Hope, Enduring Resilience
Rising Beyond Shattered Dreams
New titles added often Authored by Chantelle Pumfleet
Enabling individuals with disabilities through an enlightening series of books

These stories illustrate incredible strength and determination:

These stories illustrate the incredible strength and determination individuals can summon when faced with challenges, inspiring us all.

Children's books

Amazon book shop Children with Disability NZ

The Fun - Tastic 7 Free E - Book's:

Kids Books meets The Fun-Tastic 7, seven children with different abilities planning and creating games that will include all the kids. Part of our mission within Children with Disability New Zealand is to normalize disability; all children should be treated equally, and as they grow into adults, they will feel normal and accepted as part of society.


We have produced a small number of children's books, The Fun - TASTIC 7, which can be downloaded and bookmarked to read at any time. Our books feature disabled and non-disabled children working as a team and playing together.


Often, it is the disabled person who processes the abilities required for completion of the game, but it is always a team effort. These books are downloadable and free. Download and save it to your device to read anytime.

These stories illustrate incredible strength and determination:

These stories illustrate the incredible strength and determination individuals can summon when faced with challenges, inspiring us all.

Once a picturesque emblem of suburban stability, the Thompson family had everything they thought they needed: a nice home, two cars, and five wonderful kids. Helen worked as a nurse, and Tom was a teacher. They weren't wealthy but comfortable, thriving as providers and parents. Even their struggles felt manageable, softened by the cocoon of their middle-class lives.

Enjoy other short stories authored by Glen McMillan, CEO of Children with Disability NZ.

Guided by Love: Olivia and Her Golden Companion Max. A book about Olivia. At age 10, she gets cancer and surgery to remove the cancer results in blindness. Olivia will need a guide dog, a golden retriever. This is a love story about a girl and her guide dog.


Isabella the Resilient: Once upon a time, a spirited girl named Isabella lived in the humble town of Waipu. Everyone knew her as a bubbly child, full of charm and vitality, spreading joy wherever she went. But everything changed on her 16th birthday. The day was filled with laughter and love as her friends and family celebrated in Waipu. But in a horrific twist of fate, a casual play with her younger brother ended tragically. Trying to catch a runaway balloon, Isabella tripped and fell through a glass window. The glass shattered around her like crystal rain, piercing her right arm terribly and scarring her face. 

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