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Children with Disability NZ Our mission is to make New Zealand the most disabled child friendly region in the world!

Become A Children With Disability NZ Sponsor
Become A Children With Disability NZ Sponsor

Become A Children With Disability NZ Sponsor

Children With Disability

Children with Disability NZ offers three distinguished sponsorship opportunities:

1# Tiered Sponsorship: Designed for those committed to long-term support, ensuring sustained assistance for our cause.

2# Project Sponsorship: Enables donors to contribute to specific initiatives, like funding vital playground equipment making a direct impact on the lives of the children.

3# Legacy Sponsorship: An avenue for benevolent individuals to leave a lasting legacy through their will, perpetuating the mission of enhancing the lives of children with disabilities.


Children with Disability NZ Empowering Tomorrows Champions

In the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, a small group of dedicated individuals saw a need - to uplift, support, and champion the cause of children with disabilities. This vision, fuelled by love and a deep sense of duty, was the genesis of Children with Disability NZ

Project Sponsors

The Joyful Balance Wheelchair-Accessible Seesaw in Whangarei Raumanga Park Whangārei

Project sponsors refer to individuals or organisations that provide financial or other resources to support a project's implementation. These sponsors play a crucial role in ensuring that the project is adequately funded and can proceed smoothly.

Tiered Sponsors

Tiered Sponsorship for Children with Disability NZ

Tiered sponsorship funds will be used to grow our charities exposure so we can continue our work this may include software purchases website hosting advertising or brochure production bumper stickers etc, Facebook advertising, venue hire.

Legacy Funding

A Legacy of Inclusion 11 Transformative Reasons to Support Disabled Children in New Zealand

We encourage people to leave a legacy in their will to improve the outcomes for disabled children and young adults. I have developed four legacy plans see PDF 1# Playgrounds children need to play. 2# Educate and start looking at career options from a young age for a disabled child.

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Our Mission Is To Make New Zealand The Most Disability-Friendly Region In The World!

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