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Help Us With Our Fundraising For An Accessible Seesaw For Raumanga Park Whangārei:

C.W.D - Kids Accessible Seesaw for Raumanga park Whangarei

Accessible Seesaw For Raumanga Park Whangarei:

Children with Disability NZ is now fundraising for an accessible seesaw for Raumanga Park in Whangarei. The beauty of these products is that they are accessible for wheelchair users but are also multi-use for all children. Our charity has a focus on improving the outcomes for disabled children and young adults, and we have partially funded a wheelchair swing for Waipu Park in Northland.

We have reached an agreement with Whangarei Council to fundraise towards an accessible seesaw for Raumanga Park. We have introduced four legacy plans for anybody considering leaving a legacy to charitable causes. We rely completely on donations to buy this equipment, just as we rely on councils such as Whangarei to take on board the needs of all people. If you can afford it, please consider donating to our playground fund. We are still in some negotiations with the council over the amount we are expected to raise, but a starting point will be $10,000!

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