Housing for the Disabled in New Zealand:

Children with Disability NZ Our mission is to make New Zealand the most disabled child friendly region in the world!

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Where Do We Live?

Whangarei Accessible Housing Trust:

There are only two trusts in the country that deal with housing for disabled people, and the Whangārei Accessible Housing Trust is leading the way.


The reality is that everyone needs an accessible house—not just the disabled or elderly.


There are no crystal balls—who knows what is in your future?


If a stroke or accident occurred tomorrow, would your house meet your needs? If a family member with a disability wanted to visit you, could they get in through your front door? Use the toilet?

Ministry of Health-Funded Housing Modifications for Disabled People:

The Ministry of Health funds Enable New Zealand to provide housing modification services. Our services are for eligible disabled people living in these areas:

North Island: all areas south of the Bombay Hills

South Island, Stewart Island, and Chatham Islands

We act as an independent moderator and expert advisor to the Ministry of Health. And we coordinate with building industry experts to provide structural solutions to meet a person’s disability-related needs. Find out more about our housing modification service in this short video.

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