Ways to Donate To Children With Disability:

Children with Disability NZ Our mission is to make New Zealand the most disabled child friendly region in the world!

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Donate To Children With Disabiliy

Ways To Donate To Children With Disability:

What We Do?

We are a New Zealand-based registered charity (CC59148). Striving to bring enjoyment to children's lives, our current focus is on the lack of facilities in the Northland and beyond that cater to disabled children.


Our mission! To make New Zealand the most disability-friendly region in the world. Let's start with playgrounds. We have reached our first target: we contributed $10,000 towards a wheelchair swing for Waipu Park. To provide more events for our disabled children's parents and siblings to enjoy togetherness. More usable and wheelchair-friendly outdoor sensory programs and equipment in public spaces Our mission is to make every disabled child welcome in New Zealand.

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Donate Below:

We are a Northland, New Zealand-based registered charity (CC59148). Our mission is to make New Zealand the most disabled, child-friendly region in the world! Ways to donate to Children with Disability NZ. We have a few ways you can contribute to Children with Disabilities New Zealand.

Donate by direct credit to ASB 12 3099 0121964 00 

Donate Now

We Have A Few Ways You Can Donate To Children With Disability New Zealand:


Use the PayPal button select the credit card option.


Use the PayPal button directly to pay by PayPal.


By Direct Credit into our ASB.

account - 12 3099 0121964 00


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