Ministry for Disabled People In New Zealand:

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Ministry for Disabled People

A Partnership Between the Disability Community and Government:

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New Ministry for Disabled People

The recent reforms of the Health system and evolving government priorities have provided an opportunity to review the current arrangements for working with, and supporting, the one in four New Zealanders that identify as disabled. The current cross-government disability system presents barriers for many disabled people and whānau in achieving ordinary life outcomes. Supports can be fragmented and difficult to navigate, and multiple eligibility criteria for different services makes it difficult for disabled people to know what support services they are entitled to. That’s why the Government is introducing a Ministry for Disabled People – to lead the realisation of a true partnership between the disability community and government, and to help drive ongoing transformation of the disability system in line with the Enabling Good Lives (EGL) approach.

Will The New Ministry for Disabled People Help Thomas

The disability community will have a new port of call, with the Ministry for Disabled People launching on July 1. For 8 year old Thomas and his mum, they hope that access to support and opportunities will be more streamlined. Video below

Read More About Creating The New Ministry:

The ambition for the new Ministry is aspirational.  To truly transform the way government serves disabled people, tāngata whaikaha Māori, families and whānau. The Government decided to look beyond disability supports to examine and strengthen the cross-government disability system. The new Ministry will have a range of functions that will expand in the future as Disability System Transformation progresses.

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"Disability is just one part of me." I have many parts and many abilities; success lies within me."

-Glen McMillan.

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