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Children with Disability NZ Our mission is to make New Zealand the most disabled child friendly region in the world!

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We Have Some Amazing Stories to Share:

Kylee Ostermann ASB Good As Gold:

Seven Sharp—Good as Gold Kylee Ostermann: A Waipu single mom making playgrounds more inclusive Wednesday 9 Feb 2022. Kylee Ostermann, the mother of a disabled child, is a founding member of the Northland-based charity Children With Disability NZ and is striving to make playgrounds inclusive for those with disabilities. Kylee writes a blog for a Northland paper and looks after young Alex, her disabled child. She is active in getting a better deal for disabled children.

Kylee Ostermann!

My Name Is Cyrus!

Cyrus The Change Maker:

"Why do people never think about people with disabilities when they design things?" asks Cyrus. "To me, they are the stupid ones." "I’m just fixing things that are broken," says Cyrus on his journey to make Wellington accessible. Cyrus found playgrounds boring because there was nothing he could play on. He changed that and raised money to fix the problem. Cyrus won an award for his efforts.

Children With Disability NZ

"It shouldn’t matter how slowly a child develops." "What matters is that we love them unconditionally for who they are."

-Glen McMillan.

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Kids with Disabilities: How Parents and Children Can Be Inclusive!

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We are putting ourselves out there to make a better change!

Read some inspiring stories of young disabled children and their caregivers sharing the experience as they tell a bit about themselves and meet Kylee Ostermann, one of the founders of Children with Disability NZ.

Meet Cyrus, a young man making change. Listen to Glen McMillan as a guest speaker on a New Zealand Herald podcast.

A Glen McMillan Interview, one Day You'll Thank Me Podcast:

The New Zealand Herald is proud to present One Day You'll Thank Me, a parenting podcast hosted by Jenni Mortimer and Rebecca Blithe.


As new mums, they know how tricky it can be to navigate parenting these days - so each week they will unpack a different issue that affects parents and children in modern-day Aotearoa, with a bit of insight from our own experiences, and takes from experts and well-known Kiwi mums and dads. This is all so we can help each other and our listeners get through the tough, but amazing, job of parenting, all so that one day, our children might thank us for our efforts.


On this week's episode, Jenni and Rebecca are talking kids with disabilities. They chat to The Hits Drive co-host Brad Watson about his son, Finn, and how his family came to terms with his deafness, and then talk with Children with Disabilities co-founder Glen McMillan, who was left with a disability after an accident as a child, about how parents can raise their kids to be inclusive.    

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