Legacy Plans, Education and Careers:

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Legacy Plans Education & Careers

Legacy Plans & Education:

I am a strong believer in mind power the mind is an amazing thing in my case my disability results from an accident when I was ten years old for a long time I could not walk or talk but I could read. I was in hospital for 4 years surrounded by doctor’s books. I read and read most of my time was spent reading, for fours years I had no schooling. I started learning electronics at 11 or 12 this was because I was allowed to help the technicians repair respirators.


I would like to set up a legacy fund to promote early intervention in helping disabled establish career paths. After 4 years away from school I was still educated but differently at the age of 14 I was sent to Crippled Children Society for an aptitude test. I loved this day because I was disabled not much was expected from me.


It started by testing my reading the accessor ran out of books as I breezed though everything, she could throw at me, I was 14 I had UE entry reading. Next was wire looms again I breezed though. Manual dexterity my hand eye coordination was excellent, above average.

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Education & Career:

Mathematics again I was way above average. Spelling was an issue because I am dyslexic back in the 70s dyslexia was not well understood, sadly it is still not highly understood. I returned to a normal school I started in form 3 and two years later I left school my career had been decided while I was still in hospital, electronics I started learning this really young. In order I became.


1# Industrial wireman.
2# Appliance service person.
3# Electronic technician (TV Video).

I have gained too many qualifications to list here I have owned several successful electronic service businesses. I will personally be leaving a legacy for my charity I will split my legacy over several different legacy plans. I am just inventing them here and now. Education (career) legacy fund. This fun will be used for programs that think outside of the box, a perfect example was in the media this week.


A family was invited to participate in a pilot of Let’s Play, a programme led by Autism New Zealand. The 10-week programme – a collaboration between Autism NZ, Laura Fergusson Trust and Canterbury and Otago universities – is designed to help whānau learn to better connect and communicate with their child through play and hopes to highlight the beneficial long-term impact of providing early support for autism. I almost admit to crying reading this article this type of thing is what the legacy educate fund should be used for.

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Legacy Plans Education & Careers

Consider Leaving A Legacy?

As you age, leaving a legacy may become increasingly important how will you be remembered, would you like to think that after you’re gone, a part of you will remain. Your family and friends will never forget you, but a “legacy” goes beyond memories. Do you want to make a lasting impression that’s more widespread? leaving behind a legacy means you can make sure you’re remembered.

What Is A Legacy?

What does it mean to leave a legacy? Think of the people you’ve heard about but never met. Your great-great-grandparents, for instance, or a famous person who died centuries before you were born. Leaving behind a legacy means making an impact that will last long after you die. It could be financial, with something you create, or through the people, you touch while you’re alive.


It’s never too late to start working on building a legacy that will outlive you. We would love your legacy to become a sensory house for the disabled kids a forever house that will outlive many of us. You may want to consider leaving a monetary amount that could be used to provide benefits to many disabled children.

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