Legacy Plans, Disability Awareness Training:

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Legacy Plans & Disability Awareness Training

Legacy Plans Disability Awareness Training:

The disabilty awareness training legacy fund would be set up for paying for and providing awareness training from organisations such as CCS Disability Action an organisation staffed predominantly by disabled people. Nothing about us without us I think there is a huge need for disability awareness training. Ableism is one of the biggest problems faced by disabled people, ableism is not normally a deliberate act it is a subconscious act ableism is primal and has been practiced from caveman times. I am a strong believer that disabled people with lived experience are the in the best position to teach disability awareness training this legacy fund would provide funds for awareness training within volunteer organisations, schools, play spaces and more.


You may wish to provide disability responsiveness training to relevant people in your agency. It should be delivered by someone who has a lived experience of disability and is knowledgeable about the modern conceptual understanding of disability. The training aims to get the audience to understand their own values and how they impact on how they interreact with disabled people. If you do not have someone in your agency who would be comfortable delivering disability responsiveness training, there are organisations that can provide it. I would recommend CCS Disability Action for providing disability awareness training.

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Consider Leaving A Legacy?

As you age, leaving a legacy may become increasingly important how will you be remembered, would you like to think that after you’re gone, a part of you will remain. Your family and friends will never forget you, but a “legacy” goes beyond memories. Do you want to make a lasting impression that’s more widespread? leaving behind a legacy means you can make sure you’re remembered.

What Is A Legacy?

What does it mean to leave a legacy? Think of the people you’ve heard about but never met. Your great-great-grandparents, for instance, or a famous person who died centuries before you were born. Leaving behind a legacy means making an impact that will last long after you die. It could be financial, with something you create, or through the people, you touch while you’re alive. It’s never too late to start working on building a legacy that will outlive you. We would love your legacy to become a sensory house for the disabled kids a forever house that will outlive many of us. You may want to consider leaving a monetary amount that could be used to provide benefits to many disabled children.

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