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Children with Disability NZ Our mission is to make New Zealand the most disabled child friendly region in the world!

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Comprehensive how-to e-books and educational resources

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Amazon book shop Children with Disability NZ

E-book guides for professionals to better understand their disabled clients needs

To bolster the mission of our philanthropic organisation, Children with Disability NZ, I am in the process of crafting an extensive collection of comprehensive how-to e-books, educational resources and kids' books. These materials are designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to more effectively understand and address the unique needs of their clients with disabilities.


The first in this series is "Inclusive Beginnings: Preparing Schools for Children with Diverse Abilities. This guide aims to provide educators and administrators with actionable insights on creating more inclusive educational environments for students of all ability levels.


The second instalment, "Transitioning Young Disabled People from School into Work," targets vocational counsellors, human resources professionals, and educators. This guide outlines the best practices for ensuring a smooth and successful transition for young people with disabilities as they move from the academic world into the workforce.


Lastly, "Learning Disabilities: The Top Ten Most Common Disorders" provides a comprehensive overview of the most prevalent learning disabilities that affect children and adults alike. This material intends to offer a well-rounded understanding of each disorder, enabling professionals to identify better and implement effective intervention strategies.


Through these initiatives, we aim to bridge the information gap and facilitate better understanding and inclusion for people with disabilities in various aspects of life.

Disabled People and Marginalisation in New Zealand A Comprehensive Analysis by Glen McMillan
Inclusive Beginnings Preparing Schools for Children with Diverse Abilities An Effective Guide by Glen McMillan 2023
The Joyful Balance Wheelchair-Accessible Seesaw in Whangarei Raumanga Park Whangārei
Transitioning young disabled people into the workforce. An effective guide by Glen McMillan
A Legacy of Inclusion 11 Transformative Reasons to Support Disabled Children in New Zealand
The Top Ten Most Common Learning Disabilities
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Mysteries of the Human Body A Journey into Rare Disorders

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Our Mission Is To Make New Zealand The Most Disability-Friendly Region In The World!

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